Welcome to SaltwaterandFish.com

Welcome to my website, first off the story behind me and my saltwater fish hobby. Back in early 2012 I took the plunge and started my first saltwater tank, as a kid I had freshwater tanks mostly goldfish so the salt life was completely new to me. My adventure started with a nano cube back in February of 2012 and I started off into this wild and crazy hobby.

What I found out was there are 10,000 ways to do things in this hobby so my site is dedicated to my journey as I stumble and succeed along the way. Hopefully some of my information will help others in the future as well.

03-03-2013 Midwest Reefs Some Corals & a Clam!

saltwater tank power outageVentured out to Midwest Reefs today in North Kansas City, this was my first visit after reading good reviews on Salt-City.org. The Person workings name was Jared and he was very helpful, store is clean and all the corals and fish looked great. Jared said they are expanding and I will definately be coming back again just on the customer service alone. On this trip I ended up getting a plate coral, button coral, a couple flower pot corals, and a clam.

02-26-2013 Power Outage

saltwater tank power outageHeavy Wet snow blanketed the area early this morning and we woke up to no power, I took one of the UPS(s) from my PC and plugged my tanks into it. I then plugged the UPS into my generator so there would be no surge to damage any of my tanks equipment. I cut things down to the essentials with just pumps and a heater. Luckily we were only without power for about 4 hours.

02-11-2013 Welcome "El Diablo"

Purple Firefish from Paradise Aquatics in Overland ParkI picked up a purple firefish from Paradise Aquatics in Overland Park today and after acclimating him for a little over an hour he seems to be happy. The purple firefish has very vibrant colors and somehow my wife ended up naming him "El Diablo" so I just went with it. Within the first few minutes of being in the tank we noticed the diamond goby "Sandy" chasing "Diablo" around, hopefully this isn't an issue.

Update - "El Diablo seems to have settled into a cave under some live rock and is getting along with all the other fish.

02-9-2013 My First Visit to Picasso Exotic Aquatics

Duncan Coral from Picasso Exotic Aquatics in Leawood KSWe made our first trip to Picasso Exotic Aquatics in Leawood today.

First off this was the first time we had been to the Park Place Shopping Center and I must say it was pretty nice, there were lots of shops in a big city setting. I was amazed at the setup in store, they had incredible tanks and everything looked brand new and clean. One of the biggest reasons why I think I now like this store is they actually put prices up on their corals...this helped me from getting my heart set on something I didn't need to spend the money on.

Here are a few things I picked up all for around $100